Creepoid - S/t LP REMASTERED BLACK Vinyl

Image of Creepoid - S/t LP REMASTERED BLACK Vinyl


11 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records.

"Their self-titled sophomore LP has more in common with '90s slowcore bands like Red House Painters or Low than it does with most of their labelmates. They can still get intense, but in a different way. Clean guitars and dreamy vocals make up most of the album, pulling you in via entrancement rather than full-throttle attack. And though they can pile on the distortion in some parts (like the psychedelic-sludge drone at the end of "Tired Eyes"), it's more of a rare secret weapon than their main tool to fall back on." — Brooklyn Vegan

"It's all dreamy and morose and we will definitely be using those No Idea gift certificates we got for Christmas (yeah, those are the kinds of nerds we are) to buy it. " — Vice / Noisey

"The Philadelphia quartet’s impressive debut transcends typical motifs—drifting verses cutting to skyrocketing refrains—and discovers true interplay... Lyrics broadly address addiction, innocence lost, ennui, depression, hope and love. It’s aggressive, introspective and a strong opening statement from an exciting band.” — Magnet

"…a strangely haunting yet entertaining end product…" — Alternative Press

Sean Miller - vocals, guitar
Patrick Troxell - drums
Anna Troxell - bass, vocals
Peter Urban IV - guitar

1. Nadua
2. Sunday
3. Yellow Wallpaper
4. Baptism
5. Gout
6. Stay Inside
7. Tired Eyes
8. Golden String
9. Acrimony
10. Vulgar
11. Old Tree